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Memory Care

Obie for Seniors, an interactive gaming system by EyeClickColonial Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care will be the first community in our area to unveil Obie for Seniors, an interactive gaming system by EyeClick, to help our memory care residents.  Obie for Seniors uses ‘Nana’ Technology, a microchip-based technology to “improve quality of life for older adults,” according to a press release.  The technology was developed for use in early childhood education and is now being adopted in the U.S. for individuals with dementia after success in Europe.

The gaming system projects itself onto any surface – tabletops, floors and walls.  The device’s sensors are used to identify movements like touching and tapping.  It offers a variety of fames like “Pop all the floating bubbles” with different modes and levels to support people’s movement, cognition and social interaction. This gaming system works to address the ABC’s of dementia – Apathy, Boredom and Communication.  The games are engaging, fun and don’t require the need to communicate complicated verbal or written instructions for residents to instantly use. 

Patio PicturePlacing your spouse, parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia under someone else’s care is a difficult decision. Realizing this, we have developed the TenderCare program based on what families want in a community.  Stimulating activity programs are provided by our licensed staff and families are always encouraged to continue their involvement in their loved one’s care.

TenderCare is a residential care unit designed to enable residents to enjoy a warm, home-like setting in a safe and secure environment. The staff are specifically trained to care for the special needs of Memory Care and dementia residents. We provide palliative care by teaming with hospice to provide our residents end of life care through our aging in place philosophy.